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PCM Course Deposits


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Has anyone succeeded in getting their deposit money back from PCM for the cancelled rigging course originally scheduled for next week. I asked for it back on the 22nd of January, the day they finally admitted it had not even been written. Since then I have been told on three separate occasions that I would receive a cheque the next week. Delays were at first explained by the fact that there had been some kind of computer problem. Now it seems that they have been waiting to find out from all 50 participants whether they want the money back or if they want it held over to the next course, as it will be easier to process the cheques all at once. Even in the unlikely event that this is the reason for the delay, how much time would that take? Certainly not a month.

Let's get one thing straight here. PCM would seem to have taken money for something that does not exist. The course has not been postponed, it has been cancelled. If it had been postponed we would have been provided with alternative dates. John Jones wrote about his deep regrets and loss of sleep on the ABTT site. I'd have more faith in his apologies if he would back them up by giving me my money back.

This is not a well paid industry. It was something of a struggle for me to send the £100 deposit in the first place but since the course would result in a recognised qualification I decided it was a decent investment. I then spent months cajoling money and time off from my employer and making up the rest of the fee by seeking grants from arts organisations. I would now like the money back to invest in alternative training. If a firm like PCM have a problem paying me back £100 then I think it's time we all started buying Verlindes.

Phew I feel better for that rant. But not as good as I will when I [hopefully] see my cheque.

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Glad to hear it...although a month is not an unreasonable amount of time to wait for any money from any company. Looks like they don't have a system for dealing with course cancellations (probably have now!) so that's where it all went wrong.


PS: I bought Verlindes anyway...

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