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Strand 300 on a PC


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Before everyone groans, I have the 300 series console running fine on my laptop!


My question is this, what is involved in getting it to output DMX? ie a compatible usb to DMX box and a dongle key?

I could be wrong, but I don't believe you CAN run the 300 software from a PC.

Do you mean you're running the emulator software? In which case that isn't to my knowledge, something you can output to a real DMX universe at all.

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The Strand Genius and Genius Pro software, isn't really an emulation at all - it's the real files that the controls use in real life. So, once you run them on an old PC, or a newer one with the handy info found on the BR, you have a real Strand lighting desk, but what you don't have is the rest of the internal hardware. So you can't use DMX period. Dongles, or the other gadgets wont help as the software wasn't written to talk to them. No doubt, there will be somebody who is capable of writing the interface software from scratch - but I doubt anyone would be bothered, as it's now sadly very old!
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