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Avo Pearl Expert


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Hi guys,


I am competent with pearl desks (2000/2004) however I am using a pearl expert several times this summer and was just wonder if anyone noticed anything that might be useful to know (mainly software). I know about the new layout and the new hardware features but the pearl software is quite complex and I am sure there are many new features (or issues) I didn’t grasp when I had the demo.



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At the moment software is (almost) identical to the last 2004 build. This is an inbetween measure to get a stable and familiar base out quickly.


The only differences I can think of are [shift] F toggles Vis and locate is also now available on the red reduce fixture intensity button (reduce intensity is achieved with [shift] as on 2004).



I can list you some known bugs off the top of my head if it's of any help. These are all small issues that are either remaining problems with the standard Pearls or had only been fixed very recently:



SWOP in Run Mode Normal loads in playbacks from current page and not originating page (if different) when released. This was a long standing issue with the vanilla desks that had been fixed.

Conversely, lowering and raising Playback Master does correctly restore playbacks from originating page - on standard console this still only loads current page.


Using [off] on a dimmer channel does not store in Palettes. This might also be true for any HTTP attribute - something I need to check. This again was a recently fixed issue on the 2004 build. Its purpose is to correct accidental inclusion of dimmer values in palettes. Currently the only solution is to delete and store again.


You cannot connect to a chase after changing page unless the new page also contains a chase on the same playback (SWOPS will not flash). This remains a problem on the standard Pearl.

Similarly, you cannot use the PB Add button to step through unlinked steps in a chase after changing page if the new page does not also contain a chase on the same playback. This is also true on the Pearl.


Changing page will remove temporary timing in the [palette] menu. This might also be true for timings direct from root/input menu too - can't remember! This, once again, is also an issue with the old desk and potentially the only one that could cause an embarrasing moment in your show!


IIRC (VDU) [view] memory/palette/programmer may have issues...


Finally, pressing [connect] removes LED mimics from raised PB's containing static memories (ie. not chases) that originated on current page. Nudging any one fader restores. This is actually unique to the Expert AFAIK. It will ruin your show. Be afraid!



///That's all folks///



Oh, remember to pay attention to the new roller page change buttons. Having three options per wheel is the hardest change to get used to :** laughs out loud **:

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