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Our old music stands are getting a tad worse the wear, so am starting to look at replacements. The ideal type are like this http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j40/Ynot_01/DoughtyMusicStands.jpg.

These are from the Doughty web site, but they are a bit on the expensive side.

Anyone have any alternate suppliers?

I've looked on a couple of the usual suspects' web pages with no joy yet.

I'm sure I saw some on a Thomann paper flyer a while back, but a search of their site doesn't produce. Nothing on CPC either... Chris??

(Need the ones with the light)


PM me if you have anything specific.



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Um - If I'm looking at the same thing, that's £180 for one with a light. I too think that's expensive.


However you can get them for £130 you say. That's still £85 more than the one I linked to. You could get some really nice LED stand lights with that money!


Note that I do not know the "studio" range or why it seems to be so much cheaper than the "opera" range. We use the "Jazz" ones at work, very solid, but easy to put dozens in the back of a car.

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