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300 series, Sub bump button.


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Since a couple of weeks ago our 300 series wont seem to flash subs when the bump button is pressed.


I have tried every kind of trouble-shooting I could think of off the top of my head. I restarted the console, cleared and rerecorded the subs, change the 'bump' attribute of the sub.


The buttons do 'work' as I can use them in a different context to record the sub (holding sub and pressing the relevant bump button). I checked over all the various setup settings and couldn't see anything...


Sorry if I haven't explained myself very well, - I'm starting to confuse myself ;)


Thanks in advance,



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It MAY be that the subs have been changed.


Section 7-80 of the manual says:

Submaster Bump Modes

You can record a bump mode for each individual submaster. To record a bump mode you must

be in the Submaster display. To change the bump mode, press to see the submaster

display, and hold down the [sHIFT] key and move the trackball to change to edit mode. Select

the Bump field for the appropriate submaster and use the [+] or [-] keys or the level wheel to

change the bump mode. All submasters are initially set to Flash mode.

Seems a good place to start.
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Have you checked the 'Bump Mode' menu ( Not the setting in the sub screen ). There isn't a key for this on the 300 console, but you can access it with the 'V' key on a keyboard. The softkeys then let you select different funcions for all the bump buttons ( Off, flash, latch...).
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Thanks so far, I'm going to try some of these suggestions on monday, finger's crossed one will work.


Oddly enough I was trying the bump mode option in the strand 300 OLE and the Bump mode key (V) did nothing. Anyway its wether it works on the actual console that matters.


Please do keep the suggestions coming

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