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Sennheiser Ew100 bought off ebay


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Hi, I have recently purchased a Sennheiser EW100 Microphone off ebay. It has a jack only output only on the back of the reciever and I thought from using sennheiser mics in the past they have unbalanced jack and balanced XLR outputs.

The second thing is on the microphone sticker inside the mic it says its a EW100 G2 and so does the manuel but I thought on the actual outer casing of the microphone it said g2 on it but mine just says sennheiser ew100?


I only paid £150 for the mic and its new but not sealed.

Have I bought a fake or is it just old stock he is selling off cheep on ebay?




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I use a EW100 and it has XLR and jack outputs and has 2 AA batteries.

Sounds dodgy to me.


If this helps this is the listing:


Brand New Sennheiser EW100 Wireless microphone


This is a Brand new Sennheiser EW100 Wireless microhone




This professional equipment is of the highest quality and is of the true diversity type.


State of the art RF UHF transmission system, studio quality sound.


HDX noise reduction system for interference free transmission.


AF frequency response: 60Hz to 18,000Hz.


Signal-to-noise ratio at 1 mVrf and peak deviation, HDX: >110 dB(A).


THD at nom deviation and 1kHz: <0.9%.


Receiver EM100 true diversity.


AF output 1/4" (6.3mm) jack socket: balanced: +10dB, unbalanced: +4 dB.


Audio output level adjustment: 0-40 dB 





1x handset mic

1x diversity receiver

1x mains power supply AC adapter. 220volt

2x antenna with bnc connection

1x audio cable

1x microphone clip

Sennheiser EW100 User Manual





And here is the link to the picture in the listing: http://img371.imageshack.us/img371/6025/82d31ii4.jpg

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If it helps


The screen on the mic in the picture is a different size to the one I use.

is the screen on the one you use bigger or smaller.



the screen displays the following:



The frequency


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The original (G1) transmitters used 9v PP3 batts.

The G1 receivers had jack only outputs.


The newer G2 transmitters are very different, and have the fold-down flap to allow access to the AA batts.

The G2 receivers have both jack and XLR outputs.


If you have the first type, with a G2 sticker, then you've maybe got something that has been (to an extent) maybe misrepresented. However, in the text you pasted, I can't see any reference in the description to G1 or G2...


£150 though is a fair price for a G1 and a good price for a G2, IF it's confirmed as a new item.


What was the Ebay listing URL?


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The screen on mine is bigger and you can get it to show frequency channel or mic name.
Mine just displays the frequency, I dont know how to make it change, on the bottom it has a red on button with a red power light, then you can turn the plastic cover on the bottom and it will have some buttons which is select and up and down arrows, then you can turn it again and it has a little flick switch which is mute.


is this the same as yours, I am feeling it may be a g1 model or it is a fake from china or some where.


he is selling another one aswell now and the link is:




the mic sounds prety good so I am pretty happy anyway but I just want to know whether it is a g1 or a g2, so you think it could be an old model, and this would make sense as to why it is so cheep.

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The original EW100 receivers (I have a few of these)

I've taken a few pics of front and back panel. The EW100 has balanced output on a jack - There is NOT an XLR.




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