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1 inch Aluminium Square Tube Strength?


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Hi All


Can any of you experts help me with your knowledge. What I need to know is:


>> What is stronger for load bearing-- a standard square cross sectional aluminium tube extrusion or a square cross sectional aluminium tube extrusion WITH grooves/channels on all 4 sides-- eg: like www.aluframesystems.co.uk (See URL below):




Its the type of tubes used for fishing box frames/display stands for sliding clips down the channels/grooves.


So do the channels/grooves make the square tube distinctively stronger for load bearing (Standing On) or are they just the same as standard square tube steel?


Any help would be greatly appreciated


Many Thanks


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If the manufacturer has designed the tube for structural use then they will be able to provide you with the basic geometric properties of the section to allow you to calculate the strength.
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