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London Low emmission zone

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Read this, http://www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers/lez/default.aspx carefully!


The Zone is almost "within the M25"

Clipped from their site--

The Low Emission Zone (LEZ) will affect older, diesel-engined lorries, buses, coaches and large vans (exceeding 1.205 tonnes unladen weight) and minibuses.


It will also include other specialist vehicles that are derived from lorries and vans including; motorised horse boxes, breakdown and recovery vehicles, refuse collection vehicles, gritters, sweepers, concrete mixers, tippers, removals lorries, fire engines, motor caravans, ambulances and large hearses (over 2.5 tonnes) are also included.---


Edited to add- no-one has mentioned the diesel on gen sets yet

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What you'll have to do when calling 999 is pay the daily charge for the fireengine or ambulance via credit card over the phone before they come out to you :stagecrew:


Well this won't affect such as the newer Merc Sprinters (CDi') but will effect the older non CDi ones from 2010, There is the argument that by 2010 the older sprinters will be at least 10 years old, however as they tend to go forever there will still be people driving them. I use this example as A) they are a common van that alot of us use in industry related work and B) I have one so could check the registration number, good news for me, not for many people.




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Well, I tried to enter my registration details and it doesn't know???


The RAC recognise the number - does this mean I might be exempt? I doubt it!



Hmmm- what kind of vehicle were you looking up- maybe it only knows vehicles which actually fall into the correct sort of category, or maybe it just doesn't know vehicles of older date(that aren't going to be exempt)....


Interestingly, the charging order has nothing on diesel gensets. I'm not sure they are classed as 'vehicles' under European law (as not self powered), but as 'trailers'. Which leads to the amusing contradiction that the tow barge for your genny will eventually need to meet Euro 4 standards but the genny itself has no emissions restrictions (beyond the statutory nuisance level, one assumes).


Given that hire earthmoving plant is exempt, I assume genny trailers are, too. The van you tow it with won't be.


Exemption for Plant


Unless there are already restrictions on running generators in London?


Of course, what restrictions might be imposed in future, are anybody's guess. Given that they're considering banning bonfires- they're listed as potentially significant contributors if a more aggressive air quality management plan is adopted in the future....

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