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Pre Gain Inserts


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Heya people, I have a little question!


Where I'm working at the moment we have 2 part stage revolve, Stage A and Stage B. Both have 16-4 stage inputs which then runs to a patchbay in the soundbox. All of the multigates, compressers, fx etc. are also wired to the patchbay plus all desk inputs.


Up untill recently I have NOT used the patchbay for inserting gates & comp to the desk, I have been using an insert I/0 loom direct from the desk to the gates and comp.


My question is this!

If the signal from stage is routed direct from stage to the gate and then to the desk, pre pfl gain. Will there be decrease in effectiveness of the gate/comp. Being a signal which is not at optimum/desk gained?


Using a A&H ML4000


Any thoughts!

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The unit would not function correctly for low level devices such as microphones. The idea of a preamp is to get the signal up to a level that is useable by your equipment. If you imagine setting a compressor at 0dB and a 2:1 ratio. If you fed this into the compressor BEFORE the preamp you would never get enough signal for the compressor to work.


Whats more, you'd then adjust the gain on the desk....and defeat the object anyway, even if it did work.


So no, inserts must come after the preamp. this is a little different with line level devices.

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