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Gauze Material


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Hi All,


I am currently in the north east and for my up coming production we are after a gauze. We are not after a gauze as such though, more like the material that gauzes are manufactuered with. I believe this is Muslin like material.


We are looking for a size of this muslin material or something similar in the sizes of: 2.5 metre height and a 7.5 metre length. We are really struggling to find the fabric in this size though. We have searched many stores and factorys and even online but still nothing.


Other materials we have found do come in these sizes but not this sort of materials. We have tried the likes of Dunelm Mill, Factory Fabrics, Hobby Craft, all the commercialised places as well as some industrial on industrial estates. Our problem is that if we buy the material in shorter lengths we are going to have to sew it together which means lines right through the middle of the gauze when light is projected onto it.


Surely in this country there must be material of this sort available. I mean where do they get the material to make real gauzes and the muslin material, I imagine that must come on a large roll.


Anyway my question is, does anyone know any place where we could get this fabric from in these sizes. If anyone does... well you are a GOD!


Thanks Blue Room!


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McDougal or J. C. Joel, if you put either in to the BR search I'm sure you can find contact details.


Muslin is not what a regular gauze is made from, and does not act in the same way that a sharks tooth gauze does, though whether it will work for you depends on the effect you wish to create.


Where ever you are getting it from make sure it has the flame retardancy you require.

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The thing to remember with cloth is that some fabrics are filled, and some not. So if you have a tight weave, with 'hairy' fibresm then it is solid, takes light well, can be easily painted and is pretty opaque. Gauze is the opposite - some people describe it as holes tied together with string. Sharks tooth, is a pretty common type, and the sharks tooth name relates to the threads being connected in long thin triangle shapes. This lets the light through.


The question is do you need 'real' theatrical gauze? If you do then the theatrical suppliers will be only to pleased to supply what you want, but it is not cheap. You won't find this kind of material at the local fabric warehouse, or drapers shop - just not their kind of product. 2.5 x 7.5m is going to be expensive - you say you don't want a gauze, just gauze material? The only difference if you buy a ready made one, is the ties at the top and pocket at the bottom - and if you have a sowing machine, there's no reason why you can't do this yourself - IF, and it is a very big IF - you can handle that much material and sow the hems exactly parallel - and this is amazingly difficult on small machines. If you deviate, and with so much material it's so easy to stretch it, you get nasty saggy bits when you hang it.



If you already know all this - sorry for explaining.

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I recently altered a gauze for a corporate event which I had not come across before. It was a Nylon (for want of a more accurate word) mesh which they had printed on. The great thing was that it did not stretch at all. The problem was that you could not sew through the strands only through the holes.
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