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A bit of advice please :)


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I'm looking into using a projector and cameras so we can have a "big screen" affect at the next music concert we do at our school. I have never tryed anything like this before so need a bit of advice


We have a rear projection screen and projector which is what I will use as the big screen and we have about 8 cameras (more if needed).


However, I don't know what I need to select what camera comes up on the screen. I need something which I can hire (or something fairly cheap to buy). Need it to let me run all the cameras into it and then one (or more) output to put into the projector. Also needs to have some sort of feature so the operator can have a little monitor so they can see what is on each camera before they decide what goes up onto the screen.


I'm not sure the inputs on the cameras so don't worry about what inputs and outputs they are, as long as there either red, white, yellow, scart or S video then thats fine.


I hope that makes a bit of sense, this isn't something thats my forte and have never tried it before so need a bit of help.


Thanks in advance,


Dave :)

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Try searching for "vision mixer" in the search box above where you should find some useful topics.


Also worth getting/hiring some comms so that the person selecting which shot goes on screen can direct operators to the shot they want next.

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