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Jem Glacier X-Stream


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Hi .. we got one here in our company..

the "problem" we have is using the TEMP menu, there are so many readouts listed that we dont know what is what...

(even if its the same reading in degrees or in Fahrenheit etc)


Also it seems to be taking 1hr 30mins to warm up and not the 45ish minutes that the manual states (its "near" new) new to us but been used once or twice.. nothing major.


Can any one shed some light on our mystery??


(user manual does not go into such details that I can see.. or maybe I´m being blind?)

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With regard to the ICE menu readouts:-


AI – No Function

TA – Ambient Temperature

EO – Evaporator Outlet

EI – Evaporator Inlet

CO – Condenser Output

CI – Condenser Input


If you want info about what the values should be then please feel free to PM me.

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EXCELENT!! many thanks might message you some time next week after were all back from a huge broadcast job....~



Fixed the extended warmup time.. all the air filters were completely clogged up (I'm learning this is a huge problem for all equipment for filters in spain, its so dry all the earth is just dust and gets in everything!)


eg all our macs get a good blast of air hose in the filters EVERY time they leave and enter the warehouse! and looks like this is getting added to the list!

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