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aluminium speaker grille sheet manufacturers?

Dj Dunc

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Righto people. Im looking for manufacturers of above said speaker grilles like this (see pic)




many thanks




EDIT: BTW googles giving me out a lot of carp, so yes ive all ready searched

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Look in your yellow pages under "sheet metal work." All a grille is, is a sheet of metal with lots of holes in!


You may be having trouble finding what your looking for by being a bit too specific. Generally industrial manufacturing businesses dont have a huge presence on the web, as most of their trade is busness to business, and a flashy website won't bring in enough customers to make it worthwhile.


A sheet metal worker friend of mind from way back made himself a flashy looking parcel shelf grille cover for his car to hide his speakers (needless to say his all his speakers got stolen within a week of putting the grille on, the shineyness obviously made it too enticing).


Give a couple of companies a call and get some quotes.

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indeed yes. I have seen that site already, as I know the person that owns that site, but im looking for other sources, etc just to compare quotes, but the stuff on that site is exactly what I want
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