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Litec QX30 vs QX30s


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Hey all,


I am looking at buying some trussing. I have come across the Litec quad stuff, the QX30s in particular. I have also found a load of QX30 at about a third of the price of the qx30s. Is there any major differences in the two? Are the two differnt models compatible with eachother?


Many thanks




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Hi Dunk,


QX30 is an obsolete product and is no longer manufactured by Litec. If Thomann are still selling this it most be old or end of line stock.


QX30S is the new version of QX30, updated mid 2006. The main 2 differences are as follows:


1. The end plate system has a new design produced from a new aluminium alloy that is heat treated to ensure even greater strength and provide a polished finish


2. The diagonal chords have been re-configured and their diameter changed to improve the aesthetic appearance and increase the overall strength of the truss. The new version is more than 30% stronger than the old version.

The diagonals now have a continuous flow when 2 sections are joined together.


As the End plate dimensions are identical, both QX30 and QX30S are compatible, but the lower load capacity of the QX30 truss must be applied.


The New "S" version still offers the option of bolt connection sets or fast connection sets.


please feel free to PM me if you need any further information

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AC Lighting show the list price fpr the newer QX30s on their website. Whatever discount you get will depend upon your trading status.


The prices I am looking at are from the Bargain list, which offers the truss in Ex Demo condition. However, when I purchased my first batch of original QX30, I was provided with new instead of the ex demo.


Any company that I have found that are replacing truss with the newer version and selling their stock of QX30 are asking for more than the price I paid new! :** laughs out loud **:

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