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Hey at school we have one of those radio mic things I rigged all up to the sound desk and it worked BUT it didnt pick up very well from the colar bone area.Does anyone know whats wrong? :** laughs out loud **:
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Some suggestions to think about.

1. Cast haven't retuned transmitter frequency for you? (it happens with little fingers!)

2. Receiver in 'line of sight of transmitter'.

3. Receiver in same room, (RF waves struggle getting through reinforced concrete).

4. Transmitter not been put into Mute.

5. Microphone cable not wrapped around aerial, (Screen of mic cable is normally at 0V, by wrapping it around the aerial you effectively block the RF signal coming out).

6. Transmitter actually has aerial attached.

7. There isn't another radio microphone in the local area using the same radio frequency. (Two transmitter on the same frequency block each other).

8. Receivers have aerials attached, not touching each other, and not surrounded by steel, (racks, building cladding, structure, etc.)


Hope this helps, Ideas randomly came to mind as typing, so sorry about structure and order.




John Mac.

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it didnt pick up very well from the colar bone area

I presume this is a "clip-on" radio mic. Does it work if you hold it in front of your mouth and talk into it?


yeh it works fine

In that case, I'd follow some of the advice in the previous post by themadhippy and relocate the microphone somewhere where it can pick up the sound. Maybe not one of the locations mentioned though :unsure:


In light of all the other posts on this thread I think it's a good time to point out that just because it's a radio mic doesn't mean the problem is with the radio bit :rolleyes:

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