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Yet another topic about GSX faults


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I'm having a bit of trouble with a GSX, No surprises there then. Ideally I'm looking for a friendly Blue-Room Strand service engineer.


Basically when the unit is plugged in, nothing happens. No lights flash, no beeps, nothing. Even the little Test LED on the back doesn't light up. I've metered the PSU and it is outputting around 35V. It is a Strand PSU. Is this normal? I know that the desk says 24V but I would be grateful if somebody could check for me.


Because getting a dealer to fix it is going to be costly, but mostly because I'm nosy, I had a little poke around inside. The switch works fine. The battery says 3.34V, but is only outputting 1.5V. Upon metering the RS232 pins that should be +6V, there is nothing. Finally, the chips on the power supply card are getting warm, but all of the ones on the desk are cold. Using my simple powers of deduction I have come up with a couple of possible diagnoses. Firstly, the desk has been in store for a long time so I'm wondering if the battery has gone flat and that the desk will not start with a flat. Secondly that the PSU card is faulty. I'm talking about the one actually inside the desk, that connects to the main board.


Has anybody had this problem before? Is there anything that I'm overlooking? Does anybody here work for strand and happen to have a few GSX spares lying about the house.


Failing that, does anybody have a faulty GSX that powers up that I could take off their hands.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Your problem sounds off and I don't think I can help you with the whole thing, but I can tell you it's not a battery issue. I've had a GSX that couldn't be turned off for more than 24 hours, due to battery failure. When the battery failed, the console would still power up and give a message to the tune of "Voltage ref: Battery failure"
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Does the battery show any signs of corrosion?


Is the motherboard correctly connected to the power supply?


You need to "CAREFULLY" measure the voltages on the motherboard.

Near the battery you will see a 14 way connector where you can do measurements.

Pin 2 +12

Pin 3 -12

Pin 6 +5

pin 14 0v


Interested in how you get on.

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The battery seems in perfect condition. The two circuit boards are as far as I can tell connecting properly. When I get chance next, I will have a check of the pins. Is the PSU ok to be outputting that voltage? I wondered if it had developed a fault and blown something as there's no fuse or protection as far as I could see inside the desk.
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