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Flying Speakers


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I need some speakers to fly from a length of truss - I have been looking at prices and currently cant afford it. I have four Wharfedale Pro LIX which I thought would do the job - I have the truss, the chain hoists and the flying equipment but the speakers are not designed for this.


Is there any way to adapt my speakers so they fly. I thought of two captive nuts on the top and one on the back along with eye bolts - shackles and chain, would this work or conflict with god knows how many health and safety guidelines???


Any ideas will be welcomed,





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Well, the obvious thing is what not to do. The handles are not designed to be used to suspend the cabs, BUT, there is a rated pole mount hole in the bottom, so if it was me I'd get a friendly welder to make me up a frame where the speaker could sit on a pole mount, and then a box section frame could take the weight. Straps could be used to stop forward/backward movement. Around here, being close to the offshore industry, we have plenty of coded welders who are used to making odd suspension equipment.


Dont attempt to suspend it from the top panel, I had a similar speaker that had been hanging this way for ages in a local venue. When it died I took it down and discovered the thing was actually being supported by the carpet - the top panel was glued on, and it had come away on all sides, with just the carpet attaching it!

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