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Microphone repairs


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I've three ancient, battered, dead microphones: A Shure SM58S, a Shure 545SD Unidyne III and an Akg D19C. How do you get the electrics out of them?


I presume you want to get them working again?


For the Shure, unscrew the wire basket and the capsule will simply pull out. If it's the S version, the cables from the capsule will disappear into the body to connect to the switch. AFAIR, there's a transformer in there too with lots of gunk to seal it in place. The XLR connection is held in place with a left hand thread grub screw.


I haven't repaired a 58 for a long time, but from memory the capsule cost at least £40 or £50. You can get new mics for around £65+ VAT.


The Shure 545SD Unidyne III is harder to get into... You have to peel off any label under the windshield and then compress the two little metal tags that appear in a small hole. That then allows you to lift off the windshield. The capsule (similar to an SM57) is then visible.


The AKG D19C is (AFAIK) now obsolete, and I doubt if AKG would have the spares to repair it?


If you send any of these mics to the manufatcurers, and even if they can fix them, their hourly repair rate tends to be in the same order as that of a expensive car showroom service department ;-)

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