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bulgins and par 64


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Hey Cabba,

Bulgin Plugs are rated at 5 Amps per pin (1150W) but have a maximum plug loading of 6 Amps (1380W). How many Par64's are you using per bar? If you are using 500W lamps, it would be wise to add a law to the dimmers to ensure that only 2 lamps are lit at 100% at a time.

This may not seem like a huge current rating, but the Bulgin connector was designed for the Disco market, probably not designed for use with "full size" Par64 1000W bulbs, more the smaller DJ style Pin Spots or whatever they use.


Hope This helps



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There should be four channel lives two channel neutrals and one Earth. This means that you can run only the neutral loading 2 x 6amps. Ideal for chases but no good for full up theatre woek. Look at 500w in par64s or par56 cans to limit frying the connector and cable, or rewire for 5a per lamp with soca. (£75 a pair I think!!!)
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