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Different Cues


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Well, to state the bleedin' obvious:


Lighting Cues: When Lighting has to change in some way.

Automation Cues: When Automation has to change in some way.

Flying Cues: When Flown Pieces have to change in some way.


It's not rocket engineering.


Was there something specific you were unsure about?

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I've never heard of 'automation cues', could someone explain them please?

had a quick look on wikipedia for 'automation' - when a computer is used to control something. So is an 'automation cue' the cue for when motors etc are used to move scenery in some way?


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Without wishing to be unwelcoming, your questions can be answered by reading the books in the library, some research on the net, and reading this forum! Cueing is covered quite often.


It's a little worrying that people with some experience of proper theatres can't fathom this one out.



A very brief guide has already been given - but the way the question is worded suggests you don't have much theatre/event experience? Is this right?


The general idea is that nothing happens unless whoever is in charge makes it happen. They do this by giving cues, normally with a prefix to let the correct department know it's for them, a number in a sequence, then the magic word "GO" which starts it happening. They can be mixed up, as in "lx3, fly cue 5 and sound cue 21......GO" - it's obviously a bit more complicated than this, and there are quite a few conventions that must be followed, but that is it really.


Automation is more common in bigger budget shows wher things move, turn, sink, lift etc. So if there is an automation operator who is responsible for the stage set suddenly tracking accross the stage and spinning around, then he gets the automation cue.



There is a useful topic about automation going on at the moment here.

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