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Lee Filters-Numeric Listing Needed


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Hi all,


I am looking for a Digital copy of the Lee Numeric Listing, so that I can print it off and stick it next to the cutting desk.


I have tried google to no luck, and Lee has now categorised the filter into groups on there site.




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Have your rung LEE? I imagine they could produce something.


Alternatively, a theatre I worked at have taken apart a numeric gel swatch and ordered it into columns on a window (could easily be on a lightbox).


The columns are as follows:


Paper description |Gel | Gap


The gap is very useful for identifying unmarked gels.

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I picked up a full LEE colour range 'swatch' brochure from the recent AC Lighting trade show, its very similar to a DULUX paint chart but with filter colours and numbers. It has all the numerical listings in based upon colours palettes (Warm tones, Cool tones, CTC etc). Im sure that if you contacted LEE they would be able to send you either a PDF copy or the brochure.


I would scan it in and PM but I'm at uni at the moment and the brochure is at home!





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Hi Oli.


If you go the lee website (I think it's www.leefilters.com), there's a page to request a brochure. They'll send you a swatch book and brochure free by 1st class post, and in the brochure is a colour table, and I'm pretty sure that's in numerical order, but I'm not sure. Then you can just stick that by your cutting desk - or scan it in, and print off one of those!



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Amazing what you can find on the Lee site...



002 Rose Pink

003 Lavender Tint

004 Medium Bastard Amber

007 Pale Yellow

008 Dark Salmon

009 Pale Amber Gold

010 Medium Yellow

013 Straw Tint

015 Deep Straw

017 Surprise Peach

019 Fire

020 Medium Amber

021 Gold Amber

022 Dark Amber

024 Scarlet

025 Sunset Red

026 Bright Red

027 Medium Red

029 PLASA Red

035 Light Pink

036 Medium Pink

039 Pink Carnation

046 Dark Magenta

048 Rose Purple

052 Light Lavender

053 Paler Lavender

058 Lavender

061 Mist Blue

063 Pale Blue

068 Sky Blue

071 Tokyo Blue

075 Evening Blue

079 Just Blue

085 Deeper Blue

088 Lime Green

089 Moss Green

090 Dark Yellow Green

100 Spring Yellow

101 Yellow

102 Light Amber

103 Straw

104 Deep Amber

105 Orange

106 Primary Red

107 Light Rose

108 English Rose

109 Light Salmon

110 Middle Rose

111 Dark Pink

113 Magenta

115 Peacock Blue

116 Medium Blue-Green

117 Steel Blue

118 Light Blue

119 Dark Blue

120 Deep Blue

121 Lee Green

122 Fern Green

124 Dark Green

126 Mauve

127 Smokey Pink

128 Bright Pink

130 Clear

131 Marine Blue

132 Medium Blue

134 Golden Amber

135 Deep Golden Amber

136 Pale Lavender

137 Special Lavender

138 Pale Green

139 Primary Green

140 Summer Blue

141 Bright Blue

142 Pale Violet

143 Pale Navy Blue

144 No Colour Blue

147 Apricot

148 Bright Rose

151 Gold Tint

152 Pale Gold

153 Pale Salmon

154 Pale Rose

156 Chocolate

157 Pink

158 Deep Orange

159 No Colour Straw

161 Slate Blue

162 Bastard Amber

164 Flame Red

165 Daylight Blue

166 Pale Red

169 Lilac Tint

170 Deep Lavender

172 Lagoon Blue

174 Dark Steel Blue

176 Loving Amber

179 Chrome Orange

180 Dark Lavender

181 Congo Blue

182 Light Red

183 Moonlight Blue

184 Cosmetic Peach

185 Cosmetic Burgundy

186 Cosmetic Silver Rose

187 Cosmetic Rouge

188 Cosmetic Highlight

189 Cosmetic Silver Moss

190 Cosmetic Emerald

191 Cosmetic Aqua Blue

192 Flesh Pink

193 Rosy Amber

194 Surprise Pink

195 Zenith Blue

196 True Blue

197 Alice Blue

198 Palace Blue

200 Double C.T.Blue

201 Full C.T.B.

202 Half C.T.Blue

203 Qtr C.T.B.

204 Full C.T.Orange

205 Half C.T.Orange

206 Qtr C.T.O.

207 Full C.T.O. + .3ND

208 Full C.T.O. + .6ND

209 0.3ND

210 0.6ND

211 0.9ND

212 L.C.T.Yellow

213 White Flame Green

218 Eighth C.T.Blue

219 Lee Fluorescent Green

223 Eighth C.T.O.

226 Lee U.V.

230 Super Corr.L.C.T.Yellow

232 Super Correction W.F.Green to Tungsten

236 H.M.I. (to Tungsten)

237 C.I.D. (to Tungsten)

238 C.S.I. (to Tungsten)

241 Lee Fluorescent 5700K

242 Lee Fluorescent 4300K

243 Lee Fluorescent 3600K

244 Lee Plus Green

245 Half Plus Green

246 Quarter Plus Green

247 Lee Minus Green

248 Half Minus Green

249 Quarter Minus Green

278 Eighth Plus Green

279 Eighth Minus Green

281 Threequarters C.T.B.

285 3/4 CT Orange

298 0.15ND

299 1.2ND

322 Soft Green

323 Jade

325 Mallard Green

327 Forest Green

328 Follies Pink

332 Special Rose Pink

341 Plum

343 Special Medium Lavender

344 Violet

345 Fuchsia Pink

352 Glacier Blue

353 Lighter Blue

354 Special Steel Blue

363 Special Medium Blue

366 Cornflower

441 Full C.T. Straw

442 Half C.T. Straw

443 Qtr C.T. Straw

444 Eighth C.T. Straw

702 Special Pale Lavender

704 Lily

705 Lily Frost

707 Ultimate Violet

711 Cold Blue

713 J.Winter Blue

715 Cabana Blue

716 Mikkel Blue

719 Colour Wash Blue

721 Berry Blue

724 Ocean Blue

725 Old Steel Blue

728 Steel Green

729 Scuba Blue

730 Liberty Green

735 Velvet Green

738 JAS Green

746 Brown

763 Wheat

764 Sun Colour Straw

765 LEE Yellow

774 Soft Amber Key 1

775 Soft Amber Key 2

776 Nectarine

777 Rust

778 Millennium Gold

779 Bastard Pink

781 Terry Red

789 Blood Red

790 Moroccan Pink

791 Moroccan Frost

793 Vanity Fair

797 Deep Purple

Moderation: List put in a showhide to save every ones scroll wheels/fingers, just click the link to show it.

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I knew I'd seen it somewhere in the 'Art of Light' brochure by LEE. Have a look at the link, and the info that Paulears has provided is shown on pages 26 and 27 already formatted to print straight off!




The Art of Light is also available as a free glossy booklet. Available on application from Lee Filters (no relation!) and usually from branches of Stage Electrics.


Note that Lee swatch books are available in two versions - the Numeric Edition: arranged in order of product number and the Designer's Edition: arranged in order of colour (with a numeric cross-reference index at the back).



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