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Upgrading from Carlsbro PA


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I have a small BEHRINGER system which I use in small venues as a solo performer (guitar/vox with MIDI backing). I find it offers enough power and flexibility for these type venues and only come in around the £650 mark ... I would recommend this system for your type of use.


You might want to add some powered monitors to it and def a different mic :)

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Gig feedback.


The EV's performed very well, the vocals were much clearer and stood proud of the backline much more than the Carlsbro's. I had to run the amp a couple of notches lower than normal, guess that shows the higher efficency of the EV's?

I came away ready to upgrade instantly :angry: Would have gone for the EV's without question but stumbled across a 2nd hand pair of Yamaha F12 speakers. Spoke at length with the seller about my current and future needs and decided for the price they were worth taking a risk. Now have them and gonna try them out on sunday at a club my partner uses for practise. They look the part, and they weigh the part too :) .


Jason :mellow:

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