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Pocket PC Focus Remote

Michael Beere

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Has anyone ever used or knows how to set up a the pocket palette wireless remote, I have a wireless router all set up and is connected to a strand 520i, have all the software loaded on a pocket PC. But using this remote program nothing is being sent to the desk therefore it is just sat there doing nothing! All IP Address match on the desk and the remote program, all concceted to the same access point no probs there.


Anybody got any tips or ideas?




Mike Beere

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Hi Mike,


is this the pocket palette remote software or the original Strand Wireless Remote? Also, have you set the desk up to use the wireless remote? We had to install a key from a disc. I will have a look at our desk as I can't remember how we have it set up. Will get back to you tonight.


I recently tried downloading the software from the Strand web site, and got a version of the software that looked nothing like the screen-shots on the site, and was just the same piece of software I'm already using (v2.8.3). According to our correspondence with Strand, you can't use the new Palette remote software to connect to a 500 series desk even though it says you can on their web site in several places.



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OK Interval Time! :-) Here's the settings I have in the wireless settings.







_0_1 (then _0_2 then _0_3 etc for additional remotes 1-4)


That's as you look along each line. Pretty sure most of that is irrelevant as far as baud rates etc go for the wifi, but try that anyway. If the last setting won't enable, it means that WiFi isn't set up on your desk as mentioned above by strand600X


Hope that helps,



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I added all those settings into the desk but cannot turn on the wifi setting how do I load the wifi settings on to the desk and where do I get them. I am actual running a access point of the net port on the back of the desk.


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Is the wireless bit in yellow?


Did you buy the wireless bit when you bought the desk?


If not then you cannot use the PPC.

You have had to purchase the wireless part of the desk in order for the PPC to work.

You can stick a wireless into a switch which in turn is in the desk but this only lets you run on a laptop / Pc

It won't allow the PPC to work. I use a switch with X Connect onto a laptop.


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The Strand wireless PDA remotes are particular to the desk you have them for. I bought one in conjunction with a Strand 300 and was hoping to use it with my 520i. No joy sadly. The set up is a bit of a pain though and took an afternoon of trying and retrying. However now it work it is a great bit of kit.
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A wireless PDA remote for a 300 series is identical to one for the 500 series, though as has already been mentioned the crititcal part is having the WiFi application enabled on the console. You can see if you have this by going to Report, and looking at Applications. If you have it, it should be the last on the list alongside things like TRACKER and COMPRO (if I remember correctly).


From your description of the problem Michael, your desk does not have this Application, therefore no amount of fiddling will get it to work. If you're desperate, try calling a Strand dealer who may be able to provide you with the necessary passwords (in exchange for money of course!)

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Just confirming for everyone. A wireless PDA purchased today has both the Palette and 500 series RFU software on it and can run on any 300 / 500 / Palette / LightPalette that has the wireless application installed. On 300/500 in the Applications list (REPORT) it will say WiFi in the list if it is installed. If not, contact your dealer. For Palette / LightPalette, if you go to Help and About Palette, it will tell you if a RFU is installed.
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Huy gys,


Forgive me if I'm piggy backing on someone else thread, thought I'd post a question here as its related to the focus remote (Also, this thread helped me earlier this week so I want to broadcast this Q to people who are already thinking WiFi)


I've got my pocket pc remote half working on a 550i console. Half, meaning I can connect to the console via WiFi, I can use the pocket pc as a remote, but there is no feedback on the screen. i.e. I can type in, for example, 300 @ 2* (to bring up channel 300 to 20%) and this will be executed no problem, but I can't see what I'm doing on my pocket pc.


Any ideas>



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There is a way to get a pda or similar portable wifi enabled device to control a 300 or 500 console without having the "wifi" function enabled on the desk.


It is a two stage process.


The first is to take control of the console with a Windows PC using either the console software (operating as a "Remote" console) under Virtual PC or by using xConnect.


The second is to take control of the Windows PC using "VNC" software with the pda or other device.



Stage one.


For a 300 console the Virtual PC method does not work as the 300 does not accept remote users.


However if the node software is run under Virtual PC it provides an economical method of generating remote video from the console or as a means of generating a second video screen for consoles that do not have a second video card fitted.


For 500 series consoles the Virtual PC method works very well. The procedure is well documented in the Strand Lighting notes written by Rob Halliday "Using Apple Mac Computers with Strand 300 and 500 consoles". A method of running the node software is also described. It is available for download here:




Whilst these notes are written for Apple Mac computers - it would seem that anything that can be done with a 300 or 500 console using Virtual PC for an Apple Mac can be done with Virtual PC 2004 running under Windows.


Virtual PC 2004 is now available from Microsoft as a free download. You will also need a version of DOS. I have used version 6.22 which is widely available.


Most DOS PC's with the right network card fitted can be used as a remote console to a 500 series desk. All Virtual PC is doing is enabling this in a Windows environment with any network card. xConnect will do the same but has to be purchased.


If you want to take control of a 300 console then you will need xConnect.


One advantage of using the Virtual PC method is that the console video can be made to fill the computer screen. This helps when control is taken by a remote device as it makes for a more legible display on a small screen.


Another advantage is that the show can be saved to a drive on the Windows PC.



Stage Two.


There are various remote desktop programs available that enable one PC to take control of another. I have found one that enables a pocket PC to take control of a desktop or laptop Windows PC. It is called PTvnc_2 and is available from Parys Technografx for a small sum. There does not seem to be a free demo unfortunately.




There may of course be other programs that work. If anyone knows of any please report.



Using PTvnc_2 to take control wirelessly of a Windows PC running the console remote software seems to work reasonably well. The advantage is that all the console screens can be viewed but the disadvantage is that they are small. It is possible to scroll around the screens and find the bit you are looking for.


The PTvnc_2 qwerty keyboard does not have a numeric keypad and the keys on the right hand side do not do what you expect "Home = 7, End = 1, PageUp = 9" etc. It is necessary to use the F7 to F12 = LCD1 to LCD6 macros to give "Wheel up" and "Wheel down" commands if you need them.




I am not offering this as a complete solution more as work in progress. It does seem to work. I had more problems getting stage 2 to work than stage 1. Take care with IP addresses and firewalls. If you have more than one VNC server program active at once on the Windows PC then PTvnc_2 does not seem to work.






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Maybe not what you're after but a handy tip for those trying to remote control a 300, try a wireless keyboard and mouse. Ours works a treat as a remote for focusing



What make of wireless keyboard and mouse are you using? Most quote a range of only a few feet and are USB only. What range do you get?


If the range is good this method combined with a laptop running the node software under virtual PC to give console video would be an elegant alternative to buying xConnect to use with a 300.


Sorry if this has meandered off topic.





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