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Electrical 16th Edition and Parts 1 and 2

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I've had a look around the web including in a few industry related forums and I'm interested if someone could take the time to answer the following short questions.


I am aware for the younger generations wanting to do mains work it will be important to have the proper sparkie qualifications so I ask, what qualifications are most relevant?


I am aware either way you're looking at the 16th Edition. Is this true? Secondly is this being updated soon?


Secondly whats more relevant for 'mains bashing' work. Gensets and cabling to different parts of the site?

Am I correct in saying part p is house electrics etc?

Secondly what are parts 1 and 2? What are the differences, what is best for said mains bashing?


I am confident the room can produce the answers.


Thank you in advance.

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The 17th Edition of BS7671 is currently in review, although I'm not privy to the release timescale as I'm no longer a member of the IEE.


Part P only applies to d0mestic electrics, and is simply a requirement for such installations to be inspected by local council-approved personnel - electricians can apply to be listed as such an approved company by paying loadsa money, or they can call the council every time to get them to come and do it - again paying loadsa money.


Parts 1 & 2 probably refer to the City & Guilds qualifications - I no longer know which ones though, as the old ones have ceased to be and there are now new versions.

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Parts 1 & 2


part 1 was the basic qualification for an electrician, part 2 was required to become an aproved electrician, these are now replaced by the AM1 & 2 from memory. Mine are dated 1981 so you get an idea how old they are

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Thankyou Tomo and bob_lamb.


I shall have a look in the big book next time at work see if they can organise and pay for it all for me! =)


If any generator hire companies, or festival electricians (the people who cable up staging, market stalls etc) please feel free to make yourself known as I am interested in taking part in some general work experience to get a feel for it.


Edit: Beg / Plea for work

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Secondly what are parts 1 and 2?

part 1 was/is the first year of the course,part 2 the second,although some places may do the course over a longer timescale


AM1 was/is a practical exam you had to pass to complete part 1 and AM2 was a final practical exam that you had to pass to become an electrician,to become an approved sparks you had to have at least 2 years experience and parts 1+2 and am1+2

note this info has most properly changed since I was at college 20+ years ago

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