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Blue Room Software Release Announcements Forum


Do you know what the latest software version is for your favourite piece of kit?


Are you sure?


If a new version was released would you find out straight away?


To answer these and other questions, the Blue Room has launched a new forum, here, to be found under our 'Commercial' section, in which Company Reps can announce new software to Blue Room members. If a company does not have a Blue Room Rep, we would encourage other members to make the announcement. This way members should be able to find out exactly what the latest software release is for all appropriate hardware.


There are only a few rules, which can be found in the Software Announcements FAQ and which concern the appropriate format for announcements and a request not to post responses to the new forum, but to use the appropriate main forum (e.g. Lighting, Sound etc.) in order to keep the new forum factual and easy to read.


Please note the use of the word 'relevant' above. Obviously, anything to do with professional theatre/events technology is relevant, but the Blue Room is not a forum for computing matters, for instance, and anything the moderators feel is not directly relevant (e.g. domestic computer soundcards with minijack connections as opposed to professional soundcards with XLR connections) will be removed.


We hope this will become a useful industry facility for finding all the latest upgrades in one place.

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