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Difference with heated and non-heated smoke machin


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I'm probably stupid when it comes to smoke machines, but I just bought myself the Antari HZ-120. This was supposed to be a hazer. I first tried to use haze fluid with no success. Smoke came out, but not enough to fill a stage the size of 3x4m.

Then I tried with regular smoke liquid, and even less outcome.

Then I hear that this machine is air-pressure driven, and with no heating element, just like the crackers.


So in other words... I'm confuced. Can anyone tell me the difference between theese two, and if someone here has used this machine tell me what liquid they have used fir this.


I called the supplier because they didn't send with any warrenty or manual. And there is no manual at Antari's homepage. No support what-so-ever.

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Hmm, couldn't find much info on the HZ-120 but the HZ-100 has a biuilt in compressor and no heating element. It must work by producing a fine mist which is squirted into the air. I'd imagine you have to use liquid designed for the machine.
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yes I hate these types of machine, they just spray mist, but in fact its just small particles of fluid, and it can make a hell of a mess.


Have you seen the "smoke in a can" that maplins sell, for got sake dont buy it, its like a frigging water pistill





again cant find much info on the named machines. will keep looking for ya



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Hi daoops,


Antari have never made a machine known as the HZ-120, as far as I am aware. There was a F-120 and F-120E but they are both fog machines.


As Brian has said, Antari do a HZ-100 and HZ-400- both with compressors rather than elements. They use a specially designed oil liquid and will not work very well with standard haze fluid.

The effect is often used to make light beams visible on large stages.



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