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Traxon/Ecue Urgent help required


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Hi all


Ive tried searching for the answer to my question but with no joy.


Ive just had a rep around to my workplace selling the mood panel an array of led behind a perspex panel.


She didn't know the correct answers to the question I had.


I do like the idea of using the panel or something similar as a backdrop on a small stage.


She had an "Eque" control box which had a memory card in with pre built effects and cahses which gave some nic effects out.


I'm after knowing how easy/hard it would be to control the panels to recreate any type of effect.


I'm assuming the panel would have a simple mode setup to just be able to do single colours using 3 channels from a lighting desk but seeing as they can be used to better results would like to know how to do that.


I'm after knowing what software, control, hardware etc id need to replay video/messages on the wall trying to keep it as simple as possible.


Sorry if a little vague





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Can you provide a link to the product? There are a number of LED panel fixtures. I think I know the one you mean but can't find definite site.


The majority of these require a controller which accepts DMX. Assuming this then allows full RGB control over each component - ie. each panel connected or, if a panel is split into smaller units, each part of a panel, then you can control via any DMX lighting desk and do whatever you want. To replay videos or messages across such units you will need a media server (PC) with control software & output hardware. Examples are Hippotizer or Pixeldrive. Obviously whether this is effective or not depends on the 'resolution' or number of pixels in the panels, so to speak.


LED panels used as backdrops work wonderfully. I use Pulsar ChromaPanel CP600's and they are stunning. Beats moving lights any day!

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The website link is below and the product I saw today was called "mood light tile 64 pxl".




When the lady demonstrated this today she had a small controller with x2 DMX output ( 2 universes ) and an Ethernet input, the unit also had a memory card which was pre loaded with all sort of nice effects including text. See link below of product




The text wasn't the clearest but when you stood back it was certainly possible to make out what is said and I assume over more panels it would be clearer.


Back to the original question, I would like to perhaps have a wall of 16+ in a square or rectangle if more was needed and seeing as this is all new was wondering the best and most "user friendly" way of controlling these.!


I see that e:cue do a whole range of different products from there website regarding the control but needed some background on how it all works from PC to software to hardware to unit.


Thanks in advance



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They look nice! They also obviously take the DMX direct (albeit vie ethernet connector) and have a separate power input.


So you can control them with any DMX capable device. I am not familiar with the Ecue stuff, but it is essentially another version of the media server I describe above.


I'm sure others will have more experience with various media servers including the Ecue ones maybe?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Since posting I have bought 16 of the units,


I went to the "lighting show" in the NEC to catch up with Traxon the company who supply the product to further demo and also to speak to the technical guy who works for the control company "e-cue", who I must say was very very helpful and a good teacher.



Basically the video walls are controlled via the PC software "e-programmer" which was a very cost efficient and good way to go.


Along with the "e-cue programmer" you also get a program called "e-patchelor" which does pretty much what it says on the tin.


You basically select which fixtures you are using (not only does it have personalities for the traxon stuff but a whole lot of generic rgb led fixtures) then tell it how big your screen will be.


Then open the programmer and import the patch!! as easy as that, The patchelor program also gives you a printable diagram of how to wire and what dip switch settings to set the panels at too!! very handy when your not always there to set up.


You then link your PC to a network switcher and heres where it gets even better.



The product called the "e-cue butler" will control up to x4 panels (2 DMX universes) and the power supply also does 4 units so a very modular system.


You then link all the patchelors to the network switcher and after a tiny bit of faffing around setting ip addresses etc voila!! full control over the wall.



The software comes pre loaded with an array of decent effects built in but also is very user friendly in the respect it has a few "wizards", one for scrolling or static texts, one for video(avi) one for images (bitmap) and a few others.



After only an hour of playing I was seeing great results.



The beauty of the system from a hire point of view is its so so easy to build a show and have each QL link to another then dump all the info onto the "e-cue butlers" via the on board memory card, Set one butler to timecode master and then you have a stand alone great effect video wall which can be sent out with a dummy, just plug in and away you go.



I'm also told there is a way to trigger th FX via DMX off a different desk.



All in all I found the software a very cheap and effective way to control a huge amount of led channels and the hardware very user friendly and versatile.



A great investment.

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According to my calcs (500mm square Panel, 64 Pixels per panel, 500/64=7.8mm pixel Pitch) it's got quite a good pixel pitch- around 8mm. I'd definately be interested in knowing the going rate for that system, and the seeing it working with video on it.


Let us know if your running a demo day when you get you new 'Toys'!

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We just got some ex demo panels off them needed them asap for a job.


The resolution on the ones we bought ( the wash version) isn't the best seeing as it is a diffused front cover but they do a pixel version ( see traxon web link above and look at pixel tile 64)



You do manage to see the text on the wash version if spread across enough panels and in a big font, Ive also seen the pixel version and its very good but not as flowing with visual FX but better with text and simple images.



The panels are £500 less with a good discount to trade ( we got ex demo for £250 )



Then the butlers are coming to us approx £280 with the psu approx £80


The only extra cost is a network switch ( £40 ) PC world 8 way netgear and the dongle for the software (approx £350/400)


(Don't hold me to these prices as I'm not the one paying the invoice)


for the whole system of 16 it came to around the 6k mark (not forgetting they were ex demo)


to me this still seems a lot cheaper than anything competitive in the market correct me if I'm wrong but pixelmad alone is over £1k??



The dongle has no limits on DMX universes and not to forget can also run other LED fixtures along with a whole lot of other mainstream brands.


The main advantage and ease is the ability to dump shows to memory card and either have them automatically scrolling or have simple control between cue-lists with one button and no need for a PC on site


If anyone needs any contact info dint hesitate to PM me.


I will try to post a video later on this week, on an ipaf refresher for two days now! Whoopee

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  • 2 months later...



Does anyone know how many Butlers are required for 12 of the Traxon XB Tiles?


We've recently installed 12 and are using the Ecue but they will not work! We've spoken to Traxon and Ecue and followed their step by step instructions, over the phone, but still the tiles won't work correctly. The best we've manage is for the top row of 4 tiles to be operating.


Traxon say only one Butler is required for these tiles but initially they also told us that the tiles would power the Butler and then we found out that that isn't the case with these tiles.


Any help would be most appreciated because I'm pulling my hair out now!! :rolleyes:




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Traxon have confirmed that only 1 Butler is necessar for the recently installed 12 Tile XB so that rules out that possibly problem - was highly unlikely anyway but at the moment anything is worth considering because these tiles just will not operate!


We've spoken to Traxon and Ecue and followed their step by step instructions, over the phone, but still the tiles won't work correctly. The best we've managed is for the top row of 4 tiles to be operating and the nightclub owner is not a happy man.


Traxon now think that the problem is something to do with the data transmissions through the cables so does anyone have any info or thoughts on rectifying that?


This is turning in to a nightmare installation with no obvious reasons - to get some of the tiles to work we've even had to put some of the power in into the power out and vice versa. We've tried the switches in a variety of positions and at one point had 10 of the tiles operating but the last 2 just refused to join their friends!


Any opinions about what else we can try will be most welcome.




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