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Stage Champagne


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Has anybody got any other suplliers, neither moet or vc will supply me. Are there any theatrical suppliers that can provide?





Me and my toutor were talking about props and things and we got on to that he was and still is a product placer for tv and cinema. He said that you can get "Moet" (ginger beer) from Moet.

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Ah yes - but if you refer back to my previous posting earlier on in this subject - Moet will only supply if you are a big national company that can give you lots of publicity - or if you are producing a film or tv programme - yes lots of publicity for product placement!! They wouldn't even allow me to buy the stage chmapagne from them (low on stock apparently, but you know the feeling you get when someone is just making up an excuse not to give you anything....?)
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I'd recommend using LoNo.


We've just got a case of the Carl Jung non-alcoholic champagne from them for a college production.

The guy there did us a deal too, and likes to be told that they've been recommended by someone else.



Catherine x

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I buy up big on non-alco champagne after christmas - the supermarkets usually have them out for riddiculous prices. The stuff tastes gross, but it keeps its fizz for at least 6 months - bought 3 cases at 99c a bottle. I have also been known to use rhubarb champagne (home made) in champagne bottles to get the effect of pink champagne - unfortunatly, that IS alcoholic if it has been in the bottles for more than 2 weeks, before then it has not fermented enough to be of any worry (the leftover is great for the after party of the next show :** laughs out loud **:)
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Stage champagne...


Hi guys! I've been searching for stage champers for all this weekend. Lono is ok, but for a crate of 6 costs £34.94. They will also only supply in multiples of 6 - so more than 6 needed means a dozen. That's... £64.88 for 12, worked out in my head. Ouch, especially if you need seven! (That's for the cost, not the sums!)


Consider taking a look at http://www.partyrama.co.uk/ who have Royalty White - which looks a bit, with its red label, like Piper-Heidsieck - for £2.99 per bottle and only £3.50 p&p. 6 bottles is £21.44, 12 would be £39.38. Also, they charge the one p&p charge and don't limit you to only multiples of six - so if you want 7 or 8, that's ok!


Finally, I've been experimenting... and I've managed to concoct a mixture which seems to work:

I used:

1 champagne bottle, cleaned out.

1 cidre cork from French cider - like champagne corks with the wire etc, but without the bell-bottoms, so can be pushed in by hand!

Yellow food colouring

Cream soda


Sleight of hand... kind of.


1. I dropped a little food colouring into a glass of sparkling water, and discovered it turned a hideous shade of lurid orangey-yellow! I then used this as my colouring. Experimentation may be necessary to get the correct shade in the future...

2. Poured cream soda into the champagne bottle really carefully so as to lose as little fizz as possible.

3. Added two teaspoons of my food colouring/water colour mix.

4. Pushed three sugar-cubes into the bottle and pushed the cidre cork in fast with some sleight of hand. :D

5. Re-applied the original wire and foil from the bottle. (I have been told standard bacofoil can be used effectively here if the original is too torn, spray-painted gold.)

6. Taken into the rehearsal room, and shaken hard just before going on stage, this worked well and pushed the cork out - with a little thumb-persuasion - with a very satisfactory pop and also spurt onto the floor. It also looked good in the glasses and, so long as the actors are not diabetic, can be easily quaffed onstage too.


Clearly this cannot shoot a six-foot stream of fake champers over the audience, but is a lot cheaper than buying the stuff online. Cream soda is currently priced at three 2-litre bottles for £2 in our local... which by my reckoning should make eight bottles of fake champagne. I've asked a few local hostelries about weddings in the town, and they will save bottles for me, so we'll be able to make a nice big batch. This should be fun... :yahoo:


Here's to having our actors drunk :drunk: ONLY at the after-show party! :party:

Good luck guys!



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