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Fog fluid purchasing


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Does anyone know where the best place to by well priced smoke fluid from? which is also a reliable liquid. And, does anyone know how long smoke fluid can 'keep' for, before it starts to not be able to be used properly or cause harm to the machine?

As a general rule of thumb, use ONLY the manufacturer's recommended fluid (some here may disagree but it's a good rule to stick to). That gets you the best performance from both fluid and machine.

Fluid should keep a fair while if unopened, but once the cap's been off and air gets into it it will start to slowly degrade. The manfacturer's label/instructions should give you a good idea on how long it will be OK to use it - I sometimes scribble on the bottle when it was opened for reference.


As for where from - pick any one from many suppliers - ring round for the best price in your area (but beware of carriage costs cos they ain't light!!

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Fluid should keep for a very long time even when open as long as you keep it cool, out of direct sunlight and don't expose it to sub zero temperatures.


Apart from the usual suspects (just about every single disco and stage lighting supplier in existence) many places will occasionally have bulk lots of fluid on their second hand/clearence lists for a fraction of list price.


Stay well away from unbranded ebay fluids if you want a long shelf life as most don't contain enough of the right chemicals to prevent mold growth.

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