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Potential H&S Issue

Tom Baldwin

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Got a potential H&S situation with an up-coming gig, and I'm not really sure how to best handle it. For various reasons, I don't feel it's appropriate to post details on a public board at this moment, but at the same time I would appreciate the input of one or two fellow Blue-Room'ers.

If anybody could spare me the time to discuss this one by email, PM, phone etc, I'd be very grateful.

The specific hazards involved are: fire effects & attendant fuel sources, pyro, long strobe scenes, crowd control, and obfuscated lines of responsibility. Nice, huh?


Many thanks,



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Guest lightnix

No disrespect, but would it not be a better idea to contact your local licencing authorities ? While I´m sure that any advice from fellow Blue Roomers would be very well intentioned, it may not come from "competent" sources, as defined by HASAWA.


Obfuscated lines of responsibility ? As far as I know, there shouldn´t be any such thing, as lines of responsibility are pretty clearly defined by law.


You could try The Event Safety Guide as a starting point.

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I've been in contact with Tom over his question and he is going to contact the local licensing officer at the council. His question did raise a couple of interesting points, which I'm sure he'll post when they are resolved.
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