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Hi-Hat bleed into PCC160s


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Given that float mics (PZM or other) are to lift voices, and cymbals are a lot higher frequency than voices, I would have thought that careful use of a graphic equaliser to remove enough cymbal noise from the requisite channels would yield the result you are looking for.


It's not a total solution but this can help...as long as the channel EQ on the mixer is good, you can use that rather than an extra GEQ if you're short of the latter.


You can afford a reasonable amount of HF cut to take some of the "zing and fizz" off the high hat without affecting the voice. FYI, I often apply this sort of cut to float mics (PCC or shotguns) since it helps on the feed back front as well without affecting voices or intelligibility.



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I hadn't thought of the EQ option, I usually use the desk Eq to notch out feedback frequencies from the floats... I'll give it a go in sound check on Monday and let you know.

We've also got some acoustic foam from our club refurb over the summer to try out, although the stage doesn't have enough space for a 2'x2' pad in front of it, I was thinking of using about a 1' (upstage-downstage) piece wrapped in something thick like carpet.


Thanks all for the help

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