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need help explaining how to link macs and scrollers on one dmx line


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hi all,


basically to cut it short, I am LX operator for my church performance, and we have a experienced sound guy designing and being incharge overall of tech.


I'm trying to explain how we can have 10 movers and 24 scrollers or so on one DMX line, as I'm using the first DMX line for generics.


I could rig it myself, but I cant put the words together to explain to him about the scrollers and movers. As he needs to have a rigging plan for the riggers.


the scrollers are 4pin (obviously) and the movers are 3 pin (mac 250+, mac300).


My desk is a Compulite SPARK.


I have 3pin (f) > 5pin (m) convertors etc...


If you could help me explain how to acclomplish this that would be fantastic.

So generics on DMX 1 scrollers and movers on DMX 2


Best Regards



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From desk to first device... on to second device... third device.... (no more devices?) terminator.


The scrollers will probably have a Power Supply so the DMX will go into this ((probably) on 5 pin XLR) and then get output with the power and data the scrollers require.


You can have a max number of 31 (32- desk =31) devices connected to the DMX line.


Oh, what scrollers are you using? One PSU may not be enough to power all 24.

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Hmmm ... you do actually know how to do it, right? Just get a piece of paper and a pencil, and draw him a picture showing the DMX stream going from the desk through all the devices and the scrollers looping off the PSUs. It's true what they say - a picture paints a thousand words. If you can't manage that, then with respect you shouldn't really be in a position where you have to explain this kind of thing to someone!!



(P.S. - I love the 'disclaimer' in your sig [*]! Really made me laugh and cheered up my Sunday morning! Thanks! :()



[*] - which you now appear to have removed ... :P

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