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NJD Spectre


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Ive heard scrollers can be rather noisy
Scrollers are noisy if you spin them quickly.

But if you keep changes slow (long crossfades), then it's barely noticeable as long as it doesn't happen during a period of absolute silence!

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We have had lots of problems with theu nits randomly flashing when running on the njd controller, we did ut this down to not liking being run off generators


This is indeed quite true. However, I found you can quite happily stop the annoying 100% 'flash' (which is often enough to kill a tired lamp) by simply never take the 'brightness' of the lamps to 0%...


i.e. keep all the lamps on at 5-10% at all times, and the dimming circuitry seems to be happy.


(as an aside, your filaments are always warm, so especially in disco / flashing type use, this can dramatically increase the life of your filaments - all 10 of them within each bulb!!!)





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The NJD Spectre is an RGB colour mixer with 3 separate relatively expensive 500w halogen lamps.
I had mistakenly thought these were the units with the bog standard 500W linear flood lamp in them, which are about a quid each. However given they're not why not look into the flood style versions? I've not used either, but from the sounds of things the optical quality won't be much different, but with the benefit of cheaper lamps. Although I don't know how the fixture price compares.
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