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Follow Spots


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Indeed...followspot means many things, from this:





And many things inbetween...



EDIT: I couldn't find the pic before, I meant the first one to be:


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"Two extra" assumes you are adding to existing followspots? I'd guess they'd have to match, so knowing what you have to match to is a good starting point.


dimmers included with them.


Are you meaning the electronic ballasts for an arc lamp, or are you looking to put an incandescent followspot into a portable dimmer and control intensity via DMX from a console?

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Venue is Southend High for Boys, existing follow spot is very old and pretty ancient looking, but the first pic above is closer to the requirements.


from the position to the stage is max 30m and they need a simple dimmer so the spot is entirely controlled by the operator



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oops, havent updated profile in a while, worked at the cliffs and new empire in school days.


but will be getting in contact with both of these anyways, they are normally quite helpful.


many thanks for all your help



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