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I dont know if anyone else here has done the 1810 at City Of Westminster in london, but I did and its ok for installation it is very poor on temp stuff in Power Distribution also when I did it the Lighting side of stuff was very limited. for Electrical side I would suggest getting the 236 only this will be of more benefit as there is a shortage of Electricians, ok I know you are Lighting but being a Sparky is better as u have a trade to fall back on should Lighting not give as much works as would like.


Wish I had when offered to me to do 236, was on the 1810 course and we had the chance to do the 236 exam and write 1 or 2 essays and then persuming I passed I would have being a fully Qualified Electrician, as far as I am aware the 1810 does not class you as a Fully Qaulified Electrician.



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