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USB to serial connection for a Soundweb


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Not sure how much use this will be but if you still looking for a good USB adaptor I have been using this recently with some electronics development work.


Direct USB Store


It’s based on a FTDI chip and is extremely good in my opinion. Once setup (which is very easy) it instantly starts working as soon as you plug it in (without the usual windows USB device connected junk which is a bonus). Apparently it works with null devices straight away such as modems, although personally I havn’t tried it with null devices as I'm interfacing with a PIC. It comes supplied with a cable although due to the mass of cable around at the moment I can’t remember what type, probably a USB extender however I shall check tomorrow.


The supplier I have linked seem extremely good only £12.45 for the device with free delivery and I received it next day!

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something like this with the above suggestion would keep the usb to serial adapter away and would mean it wouldn't have to be touched.


Also gives a good connection between the USB cable and the soundweb! However, I can't remember if you have any spare holes on the mount strip on your soundweb, so that might put that suggestion out the window!

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