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Maybe a VERY Stupid Question...


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It's not a stupid question. And I'm sure there are many more that went "Ahhhhh. That's what par64 means..."



I knew the number reffered to the size, I didn't know, however, that it was in 1/8ths of inches!


everyday is a school day!

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In the early days of sealed beam lamps, like those used at airfields the acronym PAR actually stood for Precision Aligned Reflector - so when a faulty lamp was swapped out it didn't require re-aligning once seated correctly - where as replaceable lamps don't have that kind of tolerence. I'm not totally sure, but I suspect the 'Aluminized' part is of American origin.


The modern, and I guess most common description we come accross references to Parabolic Aluminised Reflector, with the UK spelling - so this is the one always considered the 'correct' one. (for us in the UK)

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Power and then beam angle.


A CP60 is 1Kw lamp, with a 9 degree by 12 degree beam. CP61 is 1Kw lamp, with beam of 10 x 14 degrees. The CP62 is a 1Kw lamp with a 11 x 24 degrees. CP86, 87 and 88 have the equivalent beams but with a 500w lamp.


There are a few others, such as EXG (240v) - beam angle of 57x21º, CP95 - grided lens, beam angle of 70x70º - WFL (Wide Flood) and FFS (120v lamp) - lenticular lens, beam angle of 24x48º, though these aren't as regularly used. I'm sure there are some more, but the second bit is just lifted from the Wiki.


Again not something necessarily obvious or too easy to come by, so not really a silly question at all.

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Yep, and thats exactly how I found out about the less common ones, but I went in looking for it, as I knew it was there.


Some people who have never been to concerned about it are unlikely to stumble across it. Is there any way of getting the search function on the homepage to include the wiki as well, as then the questions that keep coming up and keep getting referred to wiki may not appear.


If this would be a topic the mods wish to promote in the issues section, please feel free to move it.


EDIT:I take it back, it does come up, though not through the BR search box (which doesn't have any matches for 'par 64 numbers'), and only through the google bar.

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Next stupid question, what does the 61, 62, 95 etc stand for in the lamp? i.e. CP61

CP** Means Candle Power,


the following numbers refers to the power and the angle of the PAR



CP60 is a spot

CP61 is a narrow flood

CP62 is a flood


All of the above are rated at 1Kw


CP88 is a wide angled 500w par


there are many variations of the par lamp, more than listed above

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