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After having a look around at some stuff I've finally decided on a few things but just want a few opinions...


The lights which I plan on getting are..


2 x http://www.thomann.de/gb/stairville_hl40_dmx_compact.htm

1 x http://www.thomann.de/gb/stairville_mobile_color_set.htm

2 x http://www.thomann.de/gb/stairville_mv250h...ng_head_elc.htm


Those are the main lights I plan on getting, with maybe a few pars (8ish) later on just to give a wash of colour.


The desk which I am going to get is...




There are a few things I would like to know though..


1) The mobile colour set, has anyone out there tried them and got any thoughts on them as I have searched the forum but seems to be little about them. How bright would the 4 of them be and how affective would they be?


2) The HL40, what are they like, there seems to be different views on the forum, just would like to hear what a few people who have got them say.


3) The desk, will that be alright for controlling them all or is there anything better out there.


4) Ive got a production of disco inferno coming up at my school. Which of the lights above would be most useful for that performance. I will be buying them as my money comes available and will only have enough to get one of them before then, any opinions on what would be best?


Think thats about it...


Any comments or other suggestions would be really appreciated.





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Also, if anyone can tell me some good suppliers of lights and pars etc.



Just a little addition: Ive seen these http://www.cybermarket.co.uk/ishop/923/shopscr5807.html - has anyone ever used these or tryed them out. I saw them and they look okish for the money - anyone ever tryed them though.







yes I have some on my lighting rig in my lounge downstairs thay are great for in there but that is about it I have had them in a hall with some par 64s and they rearly didnt do much

definatly not for school thats for sure!!

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Whats your intended use of them?


They're cheese'y disco affects, that link together which means they'll probably rotate in some nice ways in a synchronised fashion. For 300w a piece they'll be bright enough for disco's/party's, but naff for theatre, mainly because of their brightness in comparison to theatre lamps and because of their limited functions, You can't dim them so they'll have to be a snap on and off, via a switch, or a DMX relay.






p.s. as other members have said in your topic about moving lights, please learn to use the spell checker and the quote function properly! In your last post, it was confusing weather you were asking about the lights, or someone called Dave.. Just a friendly warning before it becomes an big issue/bad habit.

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Ive put the ones from cybermarket out of the question now as I don't feel they are worth the money and wont be very affective.


I'm probably going with the list at the top of this page so don't worry about commenting about the previous questions apart from the top of this page now.


Ty anyway :cold:



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One thing - don't forget that very often these products get shipped in container loads, so buying one then hoping the same model is available when you get some more money is really dodgy. Even if it says it is the same, they often are the mk3 or mk 21 version. This may or may not be a problem, but the shelf life of these products is in months, not years.


They are probably ok for the lounge (as in your home lounge, or pub lounge??). They aren't really the kind of products that most of us would use on this forum - perhaps a disco forum might be a better place to get useful comments?

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