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Sennhesier ew372g2 mute problem


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hi guys,

I've got a sennheiser ew372g2 which we use for guitars. it was worked well for a year or so, but now the unit wont un-mute. the transmitter un-mutes and shows on the screen that its un-muted, however the receiver doesn't un-mute.. I've tried it with a different reciever and on a different frequency to see if that was the problem, but that did the same, so I'm pretty sure its a problem with the transmitter...


anybody got any ideas?


if not wheres the best place to get it fixed? sennheiser directly?




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hi guys,

thanks for the advice.. I'll go and check that..


its for my church.. funnily enough the morning that it stopped working was when we got a new guy doing sound that claims to know everything but actualy knows nothing.. I also found that the frequencys on the units had all changed.. but I thought that was them trying to get it working rather than the cause.. perhaps they messed with the others settings also..


I'll check tonight..




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