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Full Range Sound CD


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I am trying to get hold of a test CD which has the full frequency range on it, not the compressed sounds as most CD's have these days.


Normal music is all I required, but uncompressed.


Can anyone send me a URL for where I can get hold of one.



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"Compressed" as applied as a criticism to modern CD's generally doesn't refer to the frequency range; a music CD is still (by definition) a 16 bit, 44.1kHz stereo PCM/Wave file. If you're getting bit rate reduced (I'll use that phrase rather than the confusing "compressed) MP3 CDs, they're probably home-made copies. Incidentally, only specially adapted players can reproduce MP3 CDs. These adapted players are more common now but far from universal.


That said, the reduced dynamic range (often accompanied by a bit of clipping) on modern CDs still makes them not the best thing for system lineup. A few months back there was a thread about favourite music to use for a system check, which can be found HERE. Except for my own contributions, I can't really comment on other people's thoughts.


My own solution is to use music I've engineered myself in my home studio. It might not be the best in the world, but it does have the advantage of a full frequency range, reasonable dynamic range, I know intimately how it SHOULD sound, and it tends to be the same musical style as I'll be working on.



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