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Dan H

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Hi first post on here :D


right the company I work for have just orderd some futurelight phs 260's and I have the wonderfull job of getting them to work with our fat frog. the trouble is I cant find a fixture personality for them and as they havent arived yet I dont have a channel list to make one from :)


so dose anyone have a personality for them or a channel list??


ive only got a couple of days to get them working before they go out on hire :o so any help greatfully recived.


Thanks, Dan

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You will love this fixtures. I got 8 of them and I can assure you they are an excellent value for it's money.


yup they seem to do an awfull lot for the money! unfortionatly our suplyer is having a laugh and apparently the fixturs only arived to them today and they were suposed to be with us this wednesday. we will have to see what happens if there not here we will have to send somthing else out :)

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