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e865 v. SM86 report


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Helena Jessie Sextet gig 29/11. Feeding back on my post of a while back, I eventually opted for the e865 for Helena's jazz vocal application. What a nice mic - open the fader & hey, foh sounded like the full range voice that had been warming up beside me at the mixer a few mins earlier. Her voice sat brilliantly in the mix with bass, two acc. gits, fiddle, clarinet & tpt. Happy bunnies one and all.

It also worked really well on a KT Tunstall type vox last weekend and I'll try one out with a rocky bloke vox on Saturday to see how it holds up with a full kit / gits thrashing away.

I'd really reccomend the 865.

(Btw, I neither sell nor work for Sennheiser)

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