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Chris Lowe

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some days I'll go 18 hours or longer straight through without breaks if necessary



If that is the case then with the greatest respect you're a fool. An 18 hour day is ridiculous anyway, and to say that you do that without breaks (not even 15 minute tea breaks) is a nonsense.


If you don't take breaks you become less productive and do less work than you could do in a shorter whift with proper conditions. I've done 12 hours without any form of break and was no use by the end of it. I learnt my lesson and it doesn't happen anymore and never will.

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doing an 18hr day with out any breaks is not wise, however I have worked for that long without formal breaks. it is not necessary for you to do a full "Tools down, stop working" break time, I tend to work that when I need a break, if its not going to cos problems, I take it. there are times when you need to do a formal "I am on a break and am leaving site now" job but most of the time just stopping and grabbing a cuppa will do. when was the last time that you were on a job and you were not free for 20mins, you might be wighting on something or not have anything to do until someone else finishes. so just grab your break.


most places do not care, they will just expect you take them where and when you can. as long as you don't take the mick, they also do not care how long they are, as long as everything is done on time.

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