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Video/TV fixture


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Tophat? No idea what that's about, you mean


this bit, that attaches to the fixture


and this bit


to hang it from



There's access at the top to stick the captive pin through for safety, and a side wingnut to allow rotation

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I believe what the OP was thinking of, is indeed a 28/29mm spigot, but some manufacturers have produced a 'hollow' version, which will also accept a 16mm spigot into the top.




Which I believe is what my link was; but I'll post the actual photo instead.




edit: never mind, it's not formatted correctly for this board's security.

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Are you thinking of the square plastic female thing(technical term) thats on the yoke? it fits over the spigot on the stand, you can also attach a hook clamp to the lantern using them. Cant find a picture I'm afraid :) I will keep looking thou.
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