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How do you like your equipment racked?

Dj Dunc

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Ok guys, done a search but nothing has come up.


I have just purchased a mixer (19") but am debating how I should case it, with room for expansion, and if I need it :D

I will not be spending huge amounts of money on outboard equipment just yet, but as I am required for more events (think :( ), I will need to invest in an EQ and effects (e.g alesis midiverb)


my three ideas were these:


1) buy this case from thomann and not have any rack space until I buy it


2) buy this case and this case (as its coming up to Christmas) which will give me another case for expansion into.


3) buy this case which will give me room for expansion in one case.


Do the knowledgeable people like to take their effects and mixer together, or their effects and mixer separately?


your knowledge is much appreciated :(



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Larger setups will definitely see the outboard and the desk in seperate racks, often three large outboard racks. But remember, these sort of circumstances, your desk might be a Midas Heritage 3000. Not something you want to add extra weight/size to!


In your circumstances, you've got to think what outboard you will have, and how comfortable it will be to reach below the desk instead of to the side when you need to adjust something. The other factor, though, it cabling. You can have most of your FOH patch done before leaving for the gig if you put everything in one rack, whereas with a seperate rack, you're probably not going to have the budget for multi-pins to make this as easy.


Another thing, slightly unrelated: you've not mentioned dynamics. When you factor in a rack of gates and compressors, you're gonna have quite a large outboard rack (or two).

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Looking at option three.



One less thing to carry

Takes up less space in the venue (in some venues, vital)

You can leave your cabling in place so set up time is quicker



Heavier case (though probably not the heaviest thing in your kit)

More difficult to operate the stuff underneath (and unless you put a light in, always in the dark)

More hassle if / when you want to change your hardware setup

Can't really work properly sitting down (with your knees under the desk)


I have both systems at work, including one wheeled rack with 12U under this can be very heavy, but does allow a lot of patching to be done in advance. If I know time and / or space are limited then the single rack is good. For a more general system though, I prefer the separate cases.

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Ok. As I have talked to the powers that be (read parents), the single case is fine (and if necessary getting the 12U version) , but I have a little spare cash (under £30) that I would like to spend on a rack light.


my first question is this:

is it possible/advisable/usable if you put a rack mount light onto a pop up mixer case, e.g vertically when in transit and semi vertically in use. The light (if it had two heads) would be used for 1) lighting the front panel and 2) lighting the inputs/outputs etc


my second question is this:

is there any ones which would fit the bill that are fairly decent.


once again in advance

thanks for your help



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