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Over the past few weeks we've been trialling a modification to the board software.


In the past, where posts have fallen foul of the BR T&Cs, they have sometimes been hidden or even deleted. Whilst the mods have always tried to let people know by PM or email the fate of their posts, it sometimes just wasn't possible: we all have real jobs as well you know. This meant that people would go looking for their post and not find it with the inevitable confusion this causes.


The software has now been tweaked so that if your post has been hidden you can still see it but it will appear with a pink background. The only other people who are able to see your post are the mods/admin. This will flag up to you that there is an issue with the post. In some circumstances the mod who hides it will add a note to your post explaining why it has been hidden. In other circumstances we like to think that people will guess why the post has been hidden. Within the usual time constraints you will still be able to edit your post to correct it. You can also use the 'Report' button to flag up to the mods that a) you've amended the post to correct any problems, b) you realise that the post is a problem and are happy for it be deleted or c) you disagree with it being hidden.


After a period of time hidden in this way, posts will eventually be deleted permanently and will not be visible to you.


The other reason for your posts appearing 'in the pink' is that you have been placed on 'pre-mod' which means that all your posts require approval by the mods before they appear. If this is the case then you will already know that you are on 'pre-mod'. This is either because a) your profile is blatantly incorrect or b) you have consistantly breached the T&C. In both cases you will have recieved a PM or email explaining this.


So, in future, if you cannot see your post either with or without a pink background then it doesn't, and never did, exist.


This does not in any way change the T&Cs of the Blue Room.



This post has been edited to include the explanation of 'pre-mod'.

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