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LED screen


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Ok, for starters im slightly confused.


By LED screen do you mean the kind that would be under the Video & Projection section of the forum, or are you talking about LED pannels, strips that would be under this section of the forum.


Both use different methods or the same methods (sometimes). LED screens (Video) would have source material running through some form of media server etc, then that gets sent through the screens processing equipment.


Could you make it slightly clearer which you mean?

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ok, sorry for making a confusion here,

what I meant is actually big LED screen board (10ft X 10 ft).

I just bought few days ago, after installed, everything is perfectly connected, but I can't get the image on the board.


so I just thinking, is it my supplier forgot to provide me the software?

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I plan to buy another LED outdoor video screen for my campus,

the size will be L 40 X W 56 ft, 40 mm pitch,


what are the important point to take note for buying a good LED screen?

what are the recommended LED screen suppliers? can I have the info?




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Niclights has already mentioned lighthouse and barco - have a look around their websites. Also try a seacrh on the BR for pitch and LED as I am fairly sure that a few weeks ago there was a topic discussing the size and distance from the screen of the viewers in relation to the pitch of the screen.


ie for people at x distance you want a pitch of y mm.

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40mm will be good for people over approximately 40m away- the rule of thumb is about 1mm per metre for viewing distance. As others have mentioned, their is of course Barco, and Lighthouse. Then Toshiba make some good quality kit. Hibano had some nice quality kit on display at ISE in Brussels last Feb, though most manufacturers are topping out aroung the 25mm level now. There are more and more people entering the market place all the time. As your looking to install the kit, the options for cross hire isn't so much an issue, so it'll probably comedown to price and features.


For outdoor use you'd be looking arounf the 5000cd/m2 (Candelas per Metre Squared, which IIRC is near as damn it a 'NIT' too). You then need to consider the way in which the individual modules are calibrated (Through use of a PC such as with the Barco kit, or self calibrating with the likes of the Tosh). Don't forget to price in the processor and possibly the support frames. I know with Barco that the 'Rental Structure' is a seperate item, but with Toshiba it's built in.

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How to control a LED screen?

Is it any standard software?



To go back to your initial question, each type (though more often brand) will have its own propriatry processor which will have been supplied with the LED Panels for example for Barco a D230 or LEDpro is required... This behaves as the interface between your LED screen and video source, you need to make sure you consider your source material and check your processors capabilities... The processor often also handles the scaling of your images onto screen and switching between sources, although this is not always the case, see Toshiba, so you may also need to invest in a scaler/switcher, I'm a real fan of the Folsom Image pro HD,but then I tend to do a lot of Broadcast studio work on small pitch screens 6-12mm.


As to software it again depends entirely on which system you are running..


As to Brand and type I would have to agree with Little DJ as to a basic spec... I like Barco, and Lighthouse for the outdoor gear, but then its what I tend to op from day to day...


I would decide on a budget and if practical as suppliers for a demo, most will be happy to oblige considering the size of that kind of investment.


If you can tell us the Brand and Model of your existing screen we can help you further with advice on your needs for control...


Hope this helps



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I'm actually getting the screens from a China Brand, Pasef,

Now they're actually solved my problems. (few days ago, was their public holiday for National day, so I not able to contact the right person)....


:P :angry:


thanks a lot for everyone's help..... ;)


btw, anyone of u heard abt the brand? PASEF?

It's very new for me, but I heard Olympic Beijing 2008 will be using their products....



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