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Parking Longwheel based Van


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Hi guys, can you help me out.


We have a last minute job in London, Thursday, and would like some advice as where the best place to park a long wheel-based Van would be! (yeah right in central London!) yeah I know fat chance but well its the only thing the kit will fit in!


Venue is near to the Bank of England/Liverpool street station


Any use full comment please PM me


cheers in advance



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As we needed to be quick and easy.... we ended up parking at the hotel in Greenwich, getting taxi to and from venue.



Can I make a suggestion that as a forum we set up a website/database for car parks in central London with height limits and size of van accepted?


or if anyone knows of a place that this exists to let us know.


any thoughts welcome and anyone who knows how to implement such an idea to let me know,





PS patent pending.

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That sounds like a fantastic idea, probably a more valuable resource than lighting rental companies... Car parks are not so easy to look up on the t'internet. If it could be expanded to cover more annoying city centres like Manchester too, that would be great.



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what a cunning plan... as a discovery driver I'm always hunting for car parks with a >1.9m Heigh restriction... I will keep a note book in the car... if others are willing to add there tuppence worth it would be a mission worth undertaking...
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I foulnd this very useful, track down the local council office, and ask for traders parking dispensation, the westminster office is located at the pound by hyde park cap park

they will give you a map of zones, choose the zone and pay the money about £25-35, price varys from zone to zone. they will give you a pass to put in your windscreen and you can park in any bay all day without having to feed a meter etc

only works for comercial vehicals.


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