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Getting sound to light in a DMX rig...


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Well; I need to get a sound to light signal from the sound system to a Masterpiece Replay unit for a rig, but I think the venue's sound system is set up where it's just 2 XLR feeds from the mixer straight into the amps. There's no desk or limiters/compressers/EQ in between.

So how do you think I can achieve this? Yes I could stick a mic on a jacked cable and put it into the unit like that but the zones won't be seperate enough from the sound the mic picks up and the unit is housed in a cupboard. Is there a unit or something I could bypass through the sound system first.



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Can you find out a little more about the sound system?

I would be very surprised if there was no alternative output you could use.

It is possible you may be able to get a parallel output from an amp at line level, or that the mixer has more than one set of outputs. Splitting the signal from the XLR cable is also a possible solution, provided your Masterpiece input is of a high impedance.

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