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Manuals on Pyrotechnics?


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In Thailand, Most Pyro Operators are not certified and they just don't know how dangerous a pyro can be and do lots of outraegeous actions. Since, it took me ages to teach these operators and technicians since, they're not part of my company and belongs to an another company. Even worst, they're the only one here who stock Le Maitre. The owner is a good guy but, now he himself switches to do a resort business and leave his staff doing their own thing so, I was wondering is there any kind of manual/posters or any kind of aid which I can display/give to these operators/technicians so, they're aware of what they'er doing.


It seems that no one here care about health and safety since, we are the only few companies having Fall Arresting and Safety equipment compulsory while the others have them when they're in a good mood or completely not using them. Rigging, Pyro and Electrical safety here is getting quite outraegeous on the whole. Some companies seems to realize what they're doing now.


Advices and Helps Needed!


PL - Live 4 Bangkok

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